Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center

Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center has a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard the privacy and protect the confidentiality of Confidential Information it may receive, store, aggregate or transmit. 

1.              Confidential Information.
Confidential information (“CI”) in this Agreement may include education records, federal tax information, personal identifying information, protected health information (“PHI”), sensitive personal information, Social Security Administration data, or other information designated as confidential. All information that may in any way identify an individual or relate to an individual’s health will be maintained confidentially.  Precautions will be taken to ensure the protection, confidentiality, and security of CI and Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center’s information and systems.  Duties shall be performed with quality and integrity, in a professional manner, and in keeping with established standards.  The data contained in, and accessed using, the information systems and network of Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center, shall remain confidential.  Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center shall not discuss, disclose, modify, provide, or otherwise make available, in whole or in part, such confidential information unless authorized for specific business purposes.

2.              Prohibited Use and Disclosure.
All Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center information is to be used for official business only. Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center shall not speak about or share any CI with any person or permit any person to examine or make copies of any CI maintained by Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center without a signed Authorization for Release of Records or legal subpoena.  Personnel who have access to health records must preserve the confidentiality and integrity of such records, and no one is permitted access to the health record of any individual without a necessary, legitimate, work-related reason.  Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center shall not, nor shall permit any person to, inappropriately examine or photocopy an individuals record or remove an individuals record from Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center.

3.              Safeguards.
When CI must be discussed with others in the course of work for Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center, shall make reasonable efforts to avoid such conversations from being overheard by others who are not involved in the individual’s care.  When CI is within Sealy Pregnancy Resource Centers control, all reasonable means must be made to prevent it from being disclosed to others.  Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center will not at any time reveal to anyone confidential access codes to Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center’s information systems, and will take all reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure of access codes to anyone.  Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center may, at any time, monitor, access, audit, and disclose any data or communications involving its information systems.  It is Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center's responsibility to protect data and systems from tangible/intangible destruction, viruses, corruption, or anything else that may damage, alter, destroy, corrupt, or make CI unusable.  Protecting the confidentiality of CI means protecting it from unauthorized use or disclosure in any form:  oral, fax, written, or electronic.  If any data is kept on a handheld or laptop computer or other electronic device, Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center will ensure that the management knows of and has approved such use. No individuals confidential information is to be sent via email, or email attachment without prior approval.

4.              Training and Policies and Procedures.
Privacy and security policies apply to all information that is recorded, transmitted, stored, and/or processed electronically by Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center.  Staff at Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center’s have read and abide by the policies and procedures, completed the training courses offered by Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center.

5.              Return or Destruction of Confidential Information.
If any CI must be taken off the premises of Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center, the staff shall receive Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center’s permission by management to do so, CI must be protected from disclosure to others, and ensure that all of the CI, in any form, is returned to Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center or destroyed in a manner that renders it unreadable and unusable by anyone else.

6.              Termination.
Employees and past employees are under obligation to maintain confidentiality and security of all information prior to, during, and after termination of any agreement, relationship, or employment with Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center.  At the end of  employment or assignment with Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center, that all CI in any form is returned to Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center or destroyed in a manner that renders it unreadable and unusable by anyone else.  Access to all information shall be revoked upon discharge or termination.  Discharge or termination, whether voluntary or not, shall not affect ongoing obligation to safeguard the confidentiality of CI and to return or destroy any such CI in staff members possession.

7.              Sanctions.
Unauthorized access or disclosure of CI may violate state or federal law and cause irreparable injury to Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center and harm to the individual who is the subject of the CI and may result in disciplinary and/or legal action being taken, including termination of employment.

8.              Reporting of Non-Permitted Use.
One must report any unauthorized use or disclosure of CI by any person or violations of privacy or security policies.  The person to whom to report unauthorized uses and disclosures is the Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center, Executive Director at (979) 472-8663.

9.              Disclosure to Third Parties.
No staff member is authorized to share or disclose any CI with or to anyone who is not part of Sealy Pregnancy Resource Center’s workforce, unless otherwise permitted by this Agreement. 

10.            Agents of the Department of Health and Human Services.
We agree to cooperate with any investigation by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”), or any agent or employee of HHS or other oversight agency, for the purpose of determining noncompliance with federal or state privacy laws.

11.            Disclosures Required by Law.
Nothing in this Agreement prevents an employee from using or disclosing CI if required by law to use or disclose CI.